Flow Cytometry Resource Guide

BioLegend is a globally recognized leader in flow cytometry. To advance the capabilities of this application, we provide researchers with reagents of unparalleled quality and foster a creative environment for collaborators. We have made our customers and partners our priority by developing the fluorophores, chemical probes, and antibodies needed to support their discoveries. Learn about each of our unique reagents with our Flow Cytometry Resource Guide.


Topics include:

  • Full details on fluorophore families for conventional and spectral cytometry, including Spark Dyes, Fire Dyes, and Brilliant Violet™.
  • A deep dive on chemical probes for cell health, apoptosis detection, and proliferation.
  • Buffer systems that support surface, intracellular, and nuclear flow cytometry targets.
  • Additional flow cytometry-based tools like lyophilized control cells and large-scale screening kits with hundreds of target antibodies.




Flow Cytometry Resource Guide


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