Veri-Cells™ are highly stable, whether used immediately, 5 days after reconstitution, or up to a year in its lyophilized state, making it perfect for long-term longitudinal studies.

Consistent cell frequences pre and post-lyophilization


Fresh PBMCs and reconstituted Veri-Cells™ PBMC were surface stained with anti-human CD3, CD19 and CD56/CD16 antibodies. The percentage of positive cells was similar before and after the lyophilization process.

Stability after reconstitution


Veri-Cells™ PBMC were surface stained with anti-human CD4 PE/Cy7, CD8 APC, CD19 PerCP/Cy5.5, CD56 FITC and CCR6 BV421™ on day 0 and day 5 post-reconstitution.

Long-term stability


Frequencies of CD3, CD4, CD8 positive T cells, and CD19 positive B cells were almost identical between Veri-Cells™ PBMC tested immediately post lyophilization and lyophilized Veri-Cells™ PBMC stored at room temperature for 18 months.