BioLegend now offers a new substrate solution for western blot, the Western-Ready™ ECL Substrate Kit. This kit can be utilized for enhanced chemiluminescence detection of horseradish peroxidase (HRP) activity from Western blot reagents. It provides high sensitivity and extended signal duration for Western Blot assays for clear-cut experimental results. Learn more about Western-Ready™ ECL Substrate here.
Kit Features:
  • ECL substrate with high sensitivity
  • A luminol-based detection system
  • Suitable for CCD imager and film
  • Sufficient for detection of 10 mini-blots (Cat. No. 426302), or 100 mini-blots (Cat. No. 426303)
  • Signal Duration up to 4 hours
Get a sample of the kit, sufficient for 10 mini-blots (cat. no. 426302). Restrictions may apply.
(Left) Different amounts of protein from HeLa cell lysates were probed with Direct-Blot™ HRP anti-β-actin Antibody (Cat. No. 643807). The blot images were acquired with CCD-based imager after different time points of incubation with BioLegend's Western-Ready™ ECL Substrate Kit (kept at room temperature (RT)), or Competitor 1's ECL Substrate Kit (kept at RT). (Right) Different amounts of recombinant VEGF protein were probed with anti-VEGF Antibody (Cat. No. 627501). Proteins were visualized using CCD-based imager after 5min of incubation with Competitor 2, Competitor 3A, 3B (3B is more sensitive than 3A) ECL substrate, or BioLegend's Western-Ready™ ECL Substrate Kit.
In addition to antibodies, we also provide over 700 recombinant proteins for bioassays and functional assays. This month, we feature our newer releases, including CD200-Biotin, G-CSFR, Activin R1B, and TNFRSF17.
We're expanding our coverage to your favorite cells of the central nervous system. Learn about the functions, disease models, and phenotypes of these glial cells with our new webpages on microglia, oligodendrocytes, and astrocytes.
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