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The neural synapse most often occurs between axon of one neuron and the dendrites of another and is composed of hundreds of proteins that function together to coordinate the exquisitely tuned signals that form the physical basis for higher nervous system functions, such as cognition, memory, or movement. Synapses adapt over time and can weaken or strengthen in response to a number of factors, a phenomenon which is termed neural plasticity. Neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s, display a loss of synaptic function and a subsequent degradation of these structures. This degeneration occurs more prominently at particular locations in the central nervous system for certain neurodegenerative diseases, such as the substania nigra for Parkinson’s disease, which is highly enriched in synapses that transmit the neurotransmitter dopamine. Investigation into the mechanisms that lead to dysfunction and synaptic loss may provide new avenues for preventative or therapeutic intervention.
Featured Neuroscience Products
Specificity Clone Reactivity Applications Cat No.
Clathrin Heavy Chain TD.1 Hu, Cow WB, IF MMS-427P
Clathrin Light Chain CON.1 Mammal, Yeast WB, IP, IF MMS-423P
DOPA Decarboxylase Polyclonal Mammal WB, DB PRB-323P
Dopamine Transporter (C-terminal) Polyclonal Hu, Monkey WB, DB, IHC PRB-324P
Dopamine Transporter (Extracellular) Polyclonal Hu, Monkey WB, DB, IHC PRB-330P
nAChRα1 61 Hu, Ms, Torpedo, Electrophorus IF, IP MRT-607R
nAChRα1/α3/α5 210 Ckn, Dog, Hu, Rodent WB, IF, IP MRT-609R
nAChRα4 299 Ckn, Hu, Rodent IF, IP MRT-613R
nAChRα7 319 Ckn, Hu, Rat WB, IF, IP MRT-629R
nAChRβ2 270 Ckn, Rodent WB, IF, IP MRT-639R
nAChRγ 66 Cow, Hu WB, IF, IP MRT-643R
Notch1 mN1A Hu, Ms WB MMS-5097
p75NTR NGFR5 Hu WB, IHC MMS-5228
pS3 Cofilin-1 3E8.A9 Hu, Ms WB, IHC, ICC MMS-5080
PSD-95 K28/43 Hu, Ms, Rat WB, IHC, ICC MMS-5182
pT286 CaMKII Polyclonal Rat WB, IP, IHC, ELISA PRB-506P
Synapsin I Polyclonal Mammal WB, IP, ICC, ELISA PRB-516P
Synaptobrevin SP10 Mammal WB, ICC, ELISA MMS-616R
Synaptophysin SP17 Hu, Rodent, Pig WB, ICC, ELISA MMS-618R
Syntaxin SP8 Hu, Rodent, Pig IHC MMS-619P
Synaptotagmin-12 N277/7 Ms, Rat WB, IHC MMS-5197
VGLUT1 N28/9 Hu, Ms, Rat WB, IHC MMS-5245
VGLUT2 N29/29 Ms, Rat WB MMS-5206
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