Interested in looking at multiple targets within a single pathway? We offer a variety of neuroscience sampler kits to help you stretch your dollar further. Each kit contains antibodies (25 µg sizes) that detect multiple targets in a single pathway, key cellular and structural markers, or different modifications of proteins involved in neurodegeneration.
     Anti-MAP2 (clone SMI 52)      Anti-Tubulin β3 (clone TUJ1)
     Anti-Neurofilament H (NF-H),
     (clone SMI 32)
      Anti-Neurofilament H & M,
     (clone SMI 310)
Want to learn more about our neuroscience sampler kits? Check out our new Sampler Kit brochure featuring in-depth information about important neuroscience pathways and signaling events.
*Any references to promotions on this page may not be valid at this time. View our promotions page for the most up-to-date promotions.
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