BioLegend Covance Integration

The full catalog of over 1000 former Covance antibody products, including antibodies and research reagents for Neuroscience, Immunopathology (IVD IHC products), Cell Biology, Epitope Tags, and IHC Detection products, can now be found at


What’s changing?

  • All former Covance products have been assigned a new 6 digit BioLegend catalog number, but you will still be able to find products based on the previous Covance catalog numbers.

  • Orders should now be placed with BioLegend headquarters.  View BioLegend's current Ordering Instructions.

  • In May, the current site will be shut down and will no longer be available.

Key Improvements:

  • One website for all BioLegend products.

  • Place orders across both catalogs with one order. Simplifies the ordering and payment processes.

  • Improved search. Now, former Covance products can be searched by name, clone, catalog number, as well as alternate names. Search results can be filtered by categories.

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How does the integration affect my current discounts?
  • Contact our sales team for more detailed information regarding your lab’s discounts.
I have a current login at, do I need to re-register for
  • In order for us to keep up to date with your latest information, you will need to register again at, if you have not already done so.  Your current login information at will not be applicable to  
I just bought an antibody and it still has the Covance name and catalog number, is this correct?
  • Yes, any current inventory of former Covance products will not be relabeled to the new catalog number on a BioLegend label.  Going forward, all new lots of product will have the new six digit catalog number printed on a BioLegend label.
If I place an order using the old Covance product name and catalog number, will customer service be able to process my order?
  • Yes, our ordering system will be able to process orders using the old catalog number as well as the new catalog numbers. However, the old catalog numbers will be phased out, so you are encouraged to transition to the new catalog numbers, especially where orders are generated automatically from your systems.
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