BioLegend Brilliant Violet Antibody iOS Application
Introducing the Brilliant Violet™ Antibodies Application for the iPhone and iPad
Information on Brilliant Violet 421™, Brilliant Violet 510™, Brilliant Violet 570™,  Brilliant Violet 605™ and Brilliant Violet 650™ Brilliant Violet 711™, Brilliant Violet 785™ antibodies

Find fluorophore descriptions, stain index values, considerations for multicolor flow cytometry, and example data.
v1.1 Released 09/11/12
  • Minor UI Fixes *NEW
  • Information on Brilliant Violet 510™ *NEW
  • Information on Brilliant Violet 711™ *NEW
  • Information on Brilliant Violet 785™ *NEW
  • Additional dyes in the Fluorophore selector *NEW
  • Additional dyes on the Spectra Analyzer *NEW
  • Additional product selector options *NEW
  • Additional beta testing data *NEW
  • Brilliant Violet™ Antibody Conjugates Webinar *NEW
Up-to-Date Product Listings

Stay up to date on the newest Brilliant Violet™ products being released from BioLegend.
Brilliant Violet™ Beta Testing Results

Brilliant Violet™ antibodies are thoroughly tested by our in house R&D team as well as by external beta testers to ensure that our products are at the highest level of quality. Products are tested by various labs worldwide, on a variety of instruments, including the Amnis ImageStreamx, using a wide variety of applications, including flow cytometry, and confocal microscopy. Beta testing not only ensures the applicability of Brilliant Violet™ products in routine applications, but also verifies the products are easy-to-use, simple to integrate into complex multicolor panels, and effective at producing the best possible results!
Brilliant Violet™ Spectra Analyzer

View the excitation and emission spectra for each Brilliant Violet™ fluorophore. Also create and move filters to determine the optimal parameters for fluorescence detection.

Brilliant Violet™ Fluorophore Equivalency Tool

For optimal signal-to-noise and ease-of-use, we highly recommended replacing your other violet laser fluorophores with the Brilliant Violet™ series. Use this tool to determine the recommended equivalent Brilliant Violet™ product for other commonly used fluorophores.

Brilliant Violet-related Videos

Learn more about the Brilliant Violet™ family and learn about the other tools that are provided by BioLegend.
This is a video tutorial of Brilliant Violet 421™, the first fluorophore in a novel family of fluorescent polymers, that is conjugated to antibodies for use in flow cytometry and microscopy.
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Brilliant Violet ™ Products on iPad
Brilliant Violet ™ Products on iPad
Fluorophore Equivalency Tool on iPad
Brilliant Violet™ Antibodies Beta Test Results on iPad
Brilliant Violet™ Antibodies on iPad
Fluorophore Equivalency Tool on iPhone
Spectra Analyzer on iPhone
Spectra Analyzer in action on iPhone
Brilliant Violet™ Antibodies Beta Test Results on iPhone
Brilliant Violet™ Antibodies on iPhone
Main load screen Brilliant Violet™ Antibodies on iPhone

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