Conformation-Specific Antibodies for Alpha-Synuclein
Formation and accumulation of misfolded α-Synuclein aggregates and fibrils is a hallmark of several neurodegenerative disorders known as Synucleinopathies including Parkinson’s disease (PD). Antibodies against this protein are used as the gold standard for immunostaining of Lewy bodies which are a common pathological feature of PD.
To facilitate research in PD, BioLegend has licensed four mouse monoclonal antibodies (clones Syn-O2, Syn-O3, Syn-O4, and Syn-F1) that were generated in the laboratory of Professor Omar El-Agnaf at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). These clones allow detection of diseased forms of α-Synuclein including those in the intermediate aggregation state. They provide unique specificity for:
  • Aggregated and fibrillar forms of α-Synuclein
  • Minimal cross-reactivity with its native form
  • No cross-reactivity with Amyloid beta (Ab 1-42) or β- and γ-Synucleins
  • Validated in FFPE PD brain tissue sections
  • Suitable for IHC and dot blot
CloneTarget RecognitionFormatApplication
Syn-O2 Syn-O3 Syn-O4Oligomer PreferringPurifiedIHC, Dot Blot
Syn-F1Fibril PreferringPurifiedIHC, Dot Blot
Highlighted relevant publications from Professor El-Agnaf Laboratory
The laboratory has explored the potential use of α-Synuclein as a biomarker for PD. They generated and characterized several novel conformation-specific antibodies for α-Synuclein including clone Syn-O2. They utilized various methods to validate the specificity of this clone in recognizing the oligomeric forms of α-Synuclein. For example, using immunohistochemical studies, they demonstrated staining of Lewy bodies and Lewy neurites with Syn-O2 in tissues derived from PD patients. They then developed a highly specific ELISA assay to quantify α-Synuclein species in biological samples from PD patients and aged-matched healthy controls using clone Syn-O2. Read more in the articles below:

Vaikath NN, et al. 2015. Neurobiol Dis. 79:81 (PubMed)
Majbour NK, et al. 2016. Mol Neurodegener. 11:7 (PubMed)

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IHC staining of α-Synuclein deposits with anti-α-Synuclein, aggregated antibody (clone Syn-O3) on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded Parkinson's disease brain tissue.Dot-blot of anti-α-Synuclein antibodies (clones Syn-O3 and 4B12/Synuclein) demonstrating their binding to α-Synuclein conformers (monomeric and fibrillary forms). Note that these antibodies do not cross-react with amyloid beta peptide (Aβ1-42). Clone 4B12/Synuclein was included as a comparison for binding to monomeric and aggregated forms of α-Synuclein.
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α-Synuclein Phospho (Tyr39) (clone A15119B)

Clone A15119B demonstrates unique specificity for phosphotyrosine 39 of α-Synuclein with no cross-reactivity to the unphosphorylated form of this protein. This clone is suitable for use in IHC and Direct ELISA.

IHC staining of α-Synuclein deposits with purified anti-α-Synuclein Phospho (Tyr39) antibody (clone A15119B) on FFPE Parkinson's disease brain tissue.
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α-Synuclein, 117-122 (clone A15126D)

Clone A15126D demonstrates specificity for full-length and C-terminally truncated human α-Synuclein. This clone is suitable for use in WB, IHC and Direct ELISA.

Western blot of anti-α-Synuclein antibody (clone A15126D) demonstrating binding to endogenous and recombinant human α-Synuclein.
Lane 1: 50 ng of recombinant human α-Synuclein
Lane 2: 50 ng of recombinant C-terminally truncated human α-Synuclein (1-122)
Lane 3: 20 µg of normal human brain lysate.
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α-Synuclein (C-Terminal Truncated x-122) (clone A15127A)

Clone A15127A demonstrates specificity for C-terminally truncated human α-Synuclein with no cross-reactivity towards the full-length protein. This clone is suitable for use in IHC and Direct ELISA.

Direct ELISA of purified anti-α-Synuclein, C-Terminal Truncated antibody (clone A15127A) binding to plate-immobilized recombinant human full-length (1-140) and C-terminally truncated (1-122) α-Synuclein.
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