BioLegend APC/Fire 750
Ignite your flow cytometry research with APC/Fire™ 750.
About APC/Fire™ 750

BioLegend is excited to announce the release of our newest tandem APC/Fire™ 750.

APC/Fire™ 750 provides a more temperature and photo-stable alternative to APC/Cy7. APC/Fire™ 750 also has lower compensation requirements than APC/Cy7 conjugates while maintaining an equal level of brightness. Additionally, APC/Fire™ 750 has minimal non-specific binding to monocytes, as has been observed with APC/Cy7. Lastly, APC/Fire™ 750 conjugates are consistently brighter than APC-H7 in all conjugates tested.

As with all BioLegend products, antibody conjugates are provided at the best value for researchers along with expert technical support and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
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