BioLegend PE/Dazzle 594
Make your data DAZZLE.

Learn more about BioLegend's newest tandem, PE/Dazzle™ 594.
BioLegend is proud to unveil our newest tandem fluorophore, PE/Dazzle™ 594. PE/Dazzle™ 594 provides a great new option to expand your multicolor panel, a bright signal to detect your target antigen with little background noise, and excellent pricing. PE/Dazzle™ 594 is an equivalent fluorophore to PE/Texas Red®, PE-CF594, PE-eFluor® 610, and ECD.

PE/Dazzle™ 594 offers:
  • Outstanding brightness
  • Outstanding pricing
  • Lower compensation requirements compared to spectrally equivalent fluorophores
  • Exceptional photostability
  • Multicolor panel design flexibility
  • If your desired antibody is not available, then suggest a product or request a custom conjugation.
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