Neuroscience ANtibodies: Former Covance, Exclusive at BioLegend
With the addition of a world-class R&D team and facility in Dedham, MA (formerly Covance Antibody Products), BioLegend is committed to the advancement of discovery in neuroscience. We guarantee the same quality that you have come to expect for all products previously provided by Covance.
Our growing portfolio of 600+ neuroscience products includes antibodies, ELISAs, and recombinant proteins to study protein aggregation, neuroinflammation, synaptic function, and neuronal and glial cellular markers. Unique offerings include antibodies specific to protein modifications, isoform-specific targets, and conformation-specific targets.
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Featured Products
Specificity Clone
Alexa Fluor® 488 anti-mouse CD169 (Siglec-1) 3D6.112

Purified anti-Synaptobrevin (Previously Covance catalog# MMS-636P)


Purified anti-Syntaxin (Previously Covance catalog# MMS-619P)


Purified anti-MAP6 (STOP) (Previously Covance catalog# MMS-5104)


Purified anti-Cathepsin B


Purified anti-rat CD36L1 (SCARB1, SR-BI) (Previously Covance catalog# MMS-5030)


Purified anti-human sMD-2 and TLR4 (CD284)/sMD-2 Complex (Previously Covance catalog# MMS-5013)


Purified anti-Mouse CD172b (SIRPβ1) (Previously Covance catalog# MRT-5095)


Purified anti-Apo-D (Previously Covance catalog# SIG-39780)


Purified anti-LRRK2 (Previously Covance catalog# MMS-5301)


And more...

Recombinant Proteins

Recombinant Mouse NOV (CCN3) (carrier-free)

Recombinant Human Sonic Hedgehog (carrier-free)

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Looking for a little support to get to SfN 2016 or any other scientific conference? BioLegend offers a monthly $500 travel award. The drawing is random and no purchase is necessary.
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In this episode, we discuss a variety of current scientific news, including the discovery of a woman who can smell Parkinson's disease, a correlation between bovine leukemia virus and breast cancer, using an individual's microbial cloud to identify them, and how we're using specialized antibodies to combat both HIV and cancer. .
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