BioLegend Recombinant Proteins
Our mission is to provide the highest quality research products available for you to get reliable results quickly and easily. In addition to being a leading provider of high quality, affordable reagents for multicolor flow cytometry and ELISAs, BioLegend offers an extensive selection of purified human, mouse, and rat recombinant proteins, including cytokines, chemokines, and growth factors.

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Our Molecular Immunology group produces high quality recombinant proteins that are:
  • >95% pure
  • Endotoxin tested (LAL assay) to assure it is safe for use in biological systems.
  • Available in a carrier-free format.
  • Tested in bioassays side-by-side with a previous lot and with a control from a competitor.
  • Stability tested to determine the optimal storage conditions.
Animal-Free Recombinant Proteins
BioLegend is proud to release our line of animal-free recombinant proteins, which greatly minimize the variables and potential contamination of mammalian pathogens during the production process. All of these proteins are produced in animal-free media, and the purification equipment itself is also animal component free. The animal-free versions of these proteins function in a similar manner to their animal-derived counterparts. Treat your cells to animal-free recombinant proteins and see how they prosper!
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