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Product: ELISA MAX™ Deluxe Set Mouse IL-1β
Catalog No.: 432606
Rissiek Björn, Dr. University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf

Mouse IL-1β ELISA MAX™ Deluxe for the Detection IL-1β Released from Microglia In Vitro
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We continuously use this ELISA kit for the detection of IL-1β in the supernatant of mixed glial cell cultures.
Experimental Design

Application: Detection of IL-1β release from microglia
Cells used: Microglia
Brief Protocol: We generated mixed glial cell cultures from neonatal mice (p0-2) in 24-well plates and stimulated the cells for 2h with LPS to induce production of pro-IL-1β in microglia. We subsequently stimulated cells with 1.5mM ATP to induce P2X7-mediated inflammasome formation and cleavage of pro-IL-1β and release of IL-1β into the supernatant. Latter was quantified using Mouse IL-1β ELISA MAX™ Deluxe.
Results Summary: Supernatants contained 100-300pg/ml mouse IL-1β, depending on the number of microglia in the mixed glial cell culture.
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