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Product: APC/Cy7 anti-mouse/human CD45R/B220
Catalog No.: 103224
Adam Coleman, Postdoctoral Fellow Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education

Strong, Specific Signal (APC/Cy7 anti-mouse/human CD45R/B220)
Overall: Product Quality: Ease of Use:
The antibody clearly stains mouse splenic B cells.
Experimental Design

Application: Flow cytometry
Cells used: Mouse splenocytes
Brief Protocol: Mash mouse spleens through nylon mesh
Wash cells in FACS buffer (1x PBS + 2%FBS + 2mM EDTA)
Resuspend cells in 100 ul FACS buffer + 1 ul APC/Cy7 anti-mouse CD45R/B220 on ice for 10 minutes
Wash cells in FACS buffer and analyze on flow cytometer
Results Summary: Splenic B cells are strongly positive for B220
Additional Notes:
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