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Product: PE anti-human CD274 (B7-H1, PD-L1)
Catalog No.: 329705
Adam Guess, SR Research Associate The Research Institute at Nationwide Children's Hospital

Staining PBMC with anti-human B7-H1 PE
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Anti-B7-H1 PE works well on PBMC.
Experimental Design

Application: Flow cytometry
Cells used: Human PBMC
Brief Protocol: PBMC were isolated from blood by centrifugation over Ficoll. PBMC were washed twice in PBS and stained for 15 minutes at room temperature with the recommended dilution of anti-B7-H1 PE in 100uL FACS buffer (PBS w/2% FBS and 0.09% sodium azide). Cells were washed twice with 2mL FACS buffer and analyzed on a BD LSR II.
Results Summary: B7-H1 staining was as expected (filled histogram), as compared to unstained cells (dotted line).
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