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Smelling Parkinson's, Special Antibodies in HIV and Cancer, and a Cloud of Microbes
Description: In this episode, we discuss some a variety of current scientific news, including the discovery of woman who can smell Parkinson's disease, a correlation between bovine leukemia virus and breast cancer, using an individual's microbial cloud to identify them, and how we're using specialized antibodies to combat both HIV and cancer.

Woman in able to smell Parkinson's disease
Unique microbe clouds surround individuals
Missing gut bacteria associated with higher asthma risk
Reprogramming leukemia cells to kill each other
BLV proteins associated with breast cancer
Activating and killing latent HIV in infected cells
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Keywords: neuroscience, neurodegeneration, Parkinson's disease, microbes, microbial, gut microbiome, bacteria, asthma, allergy, leukemia, cancer, AML, antibody, virus, cow, bovine, breast cancer, HIV, AIDS

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