BioLegend Neoclone Antibodies
BioLegend and NeoClone announce the formation of a partnership, in which, BioLegend acquires the NeoClone antibody product portfolio, and the two companies have the ability to work collaboratively on future products. The portfolio includes high quality antibodies against E.coli RNA polymerase, yeast RNA polymerase II, human transcription proteins, cancer markers, neurological injury biomarkers, and much more. Products have been validated for western blot and/or ELISA.

Customers can continue to purchase these antibodies from NeoClone until early November, 2014. After this time, products will only be available from BioLegend.

Q: Will the prices for former NeoClone products remain the same?
A: Yes, BioLegend will not re-price these products. But customers can now use their BioLegend discounts and promotions on former NeoClone products.
Q: Can I still use the former NeoClone catalog numbers to place my order?
A: Customers can find products using the former NeoClone catalog numbers on the website, but all products will be re-assigned a six digit BioLegend catalog number, which will be required for ordering.
Q: Who do I contact about product questions?
A: Once the products are available on BioLegend's website, contact BioLegend's technical service team for any product questions.
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