BioLegend Integrin Explorer Mobile Application

Integrin Explorer iOS Application

Integrins are transmembrane heterodimer proteins, consisting of an alpha (α) and beta (β) chain. Integrins are mainly known for mediating cell and extracellular matrix adhesion and migration. As such, integrins can play a pervasive role in cancer and tumor metastasis. They are integral in cell growth, division, differentiation, and apoptosis. But, they also play a role in broader biological events, like wound healing and apoptosis.

Use BioLegend’s Integrin Explorer to learn more about integrin interactions, function, structure, ligands, and available antibody products.

  • 64 bit compatibility *NEW
  • α & β Listing
  • Integrin Combination Information
  • Available Products
  • Full Integrin Chart
  • Relevant Pathways
  • Gene ID/Sequence
  • Made for both the iPhone and the iPad
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