BioLegend Brilliant Violet™ Mobile Application

Brilliant Violet™ iOS Application

Welcome to the BioLegend Brilliant Violet™ Application. In this app, you will find: Information on Brilliant Violet 421™, Brilliant Violet 510™, Brilliant Violet 570™, Brilliant Violet 605™ and Brilliant Violet 650™, Brilliant Violet 711™, Brilliant Violet 785™ antibodies, find fluorophore descriptions, stain index values, considerations for multicolor flow cytometry, example data, and up-to-Date Product Listings.

  • Optimized for iOS 10 *NEW
  • 64 bit compatibility *NEW
  • Info on all 7 Brilliant Violet ™ Dyes
  • Beta testing data
  • Brilliant Violet ™ Spectra Analyzer
  • Violet Laser Fluorophore Selector
  • Brilliant Violet ™ Product Listing
  • Videos
  • Product Suggestion
  • FAQs
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