MitoSpy™ Mitochondrial Probes
MitoSpy™ mitochrondrial localization probes are cell-permeant, fluorogenic chemical reagents used for labeling mitochondria of living cells. They can be used for live-cell imaging applications or they can be fixed to facilitate mounting the specimen with antifade for inverted microscopy or confocal imaging applications. MitoSpy™ Orange CMTMRos and MitoSpy™ Red CMXRos can be fixed and permeabilized to allow for co-staining with additional antibodies. Learn more about each of the MitoSpy™ reagents and the applications each are best-suited for.
Prepare yourself to dye.
Excitation/Emission Spectra Mechanism of
Live Imaging & Fixation Compatibility Cell Health
MitoSpy™ Green FM has excitation/emission (ex/em) peaks at 488 nm/520 nm, common for the FITC/Alexa Fluor® 488 filter set. MitoSpy™ Orange CMTMRos has ex/em peaks of 551 nm/576 nm, common for the PE or TRITC/Alexa Fluor® 555 filter sets. MitoSpy™ Red CMXRos has ex/em peaks at 577 nm/598 nm, common for the Texas Red®/Alexa Fluor® 594 filter set.
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