BioLegend Instrument Guide
Welcome to BioLegend’s Flow Cytometry Instrument Guide/Fluorophore Selector tool. Here, we provide a general view of which fluorophores can be used on commercially available instruments. As instrument configurations and laser options can vary widely, be sure to check with your own instrument to determine if the configuration matches those presented here or if your instrument can be modified/configured to accommodate certain fluorophores.
To compare instruments, press and hold the Control key to make multiple selections, selecting all your desired manufacturers first, followed by desired instruments and lastly, the laser options for each instrument.
Laser Guide:
UV = Ultraviolet (350-365 nm)
V = Violet (405-407 nm)
B = Blue (488 nm)
G = Green (532 nm)
Y = Yellow (561 nm)
R = Red (633-640 nm)

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