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BioLegend Fluorophore Equivalency Tool
Welcome to BioLegend’s Fluorophore Equivalency tool! This tool will help you find BioLegend’s equivalent fluorophores compared to other commercially available fluorophores on the market for flow cytometry. Using the slider you can find fluorophores based on their optimal emission profiles. The tools also allows you to preview the excitation and emission spectra of each fluorophore as well as taking you to available products. View our detailed instructions below. To learn more about fluorophores, please view our Multicolor Staining Guide.

            Select a laser to begin.

Emission Slider
Current Position: 300(nm)

Available Fluorophores: Equivalent Fluorophores:

  1. Select your laser
  2. Drag the selector over the light spectrum to reveal Available and Equivalent Fluorophores.
  3. Mouse over an Available Fluorophore to reveal it's emission/excitation data.
  4. Click on an Available Fluorophore to perform a product search.
*Note: The emission slider displays fluorophores based on the emission range where emission is greater than 50% of optimal.

Our technical service team is also available to help with any questions you may have on panel construction or selecting antibodies.

Technical Service
Phone Toll-Free (US & Canada)1-877-273-3103
Phone (International): 1-858-768-5801

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